Our story

It all started way back in the 90s in Fulham at a little sandwich bar called Brotchie's, where Sam's passion for food and love for sandwiches was born. He would see his parents transforming ingredients into amazing sandwiches working day in and day out building their small business into one of the most famous sandwich spots of it's time. With regular celebrity appearances, repeat customers and people from all over the world wanting to try these amazing sandwiches.

At a young age, Sam and his family moved to Normandy where they grew the most beautiful fruit and veg surrounded by farmland and animals. Home-cooked food was on the menu everyday using these amazing, fresh ingredients. After finishing his business degree Sam decided to spend some time farming in Australia following his return to France he was determined to pursue his passion for cooking. He moved to St Jean de Luz, Southern France and trained as a Chef among some of the greats in French culinary industry, continuing his career working in Michelin-starred restaurants and after spending time in Asia he moved back to London where he continued to hone his craft.

Sexy Buns is an amalgamation of Sam's experiences farming, strong values about whole foods and not using ultra-processed foods along with hours of hard work in some of the hardest kitchens in the world striving to strive for absolute excellence in every element of each dish.

Sam's and the teams' heart and soul along with a great degree of development and research has gone into each creation to truly provide the best possible experience at the best value to each and every customer. We hope you enjoy our special buns of love!

The original Brotchie's sign

Our Food

Freshly prepared sandwiches with locally sourced ingredients. Our buns are bold on flavours, succulent juicy goodness. They tastes so naughty but feels so good!

Food is a passionate and emotional experience, arouse your pallet and get excited with some seriously sexy food.

Coming from Michelin-starred restaurants and training in highly prestigious kitchens, our team are absolutely dedicated to creating the most wonderful food, cooked with high quality and fresh ingredients. Working with local farmers to reduce food miles and focusing on using seasonal, free range and organic produce is at the heart of how we design each dish.

Sexy Buns will provide you with an orgasmic sandwich experience like no other, bursting with flavours and leaving you wanting more...

Our mission

We are on a mission to change the sandwich game. Cutting out ultra-processed food from people's diets is a big part of it. We believe everyone deserves the best quality food, full of flavour that doesn't cost the earth. Supporting people that can't afford to eat by providing them with food.

We aim to reduce our impact on the environment, cutting out the use of plastics, reducing food miles and solely working with local suppliers and farmers.

Our vision

We want to build an amazing business for our team, for our customers and help the community. We aim to grow organically and sustainably by giving our team the right environment and support. We want each and every customer to have the best experience interacting with our team and enjoying a healthy exciting meal. We will continue to support those in need, giving opportunities to those that deserve it and keep on putting a smile on everyone's face.

Our team

We are a small team of incredibly dedicated and passionate people on a mission. Our team is our family and here they are in order of them joining


Founder / The Big Dog


Head of Ops / Likes to crack the WhIp


Chef / All the gear, no idea


Chef / Post Mallon